Martin Family Foundation

A Family Foundation on a Mission

Most family foundations have a very specific mission and provide resources to charitable organizations that fit within the family’s core values or a specific city or region of the country. The Martin Family Foundation has been is led by incredible founders, John and Mari Ann Martin and Executive Director, Laurie Vieira.  We were honored to produce a video that captured the faith and spirit of John and Mari Ann Martin. One of the benefits of creating a video is the lasting message control that comes with how the Foundation’s resources are passed on to future generations.

Refreshing the Brand

As we started the Discovery session, it became clear that the Foundation wanted to adapt its logo to ensure their inspiring faith would be visible. After some design sessions, we were able to maintain their previous logo’s attributes while integrating the cross as the foundation of its growth.

New Foundation Website

MFF needed a new website that would provide a clean and easy to use experience for those seeking to apply for a grant. It was imperative that the site offer content that was clear and straightforward in order to get across quickly who the Foundation supports and who it does not. We created a responsive website that achieved the client’s desired outcomes.

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