Strategic Choices

GBC President, Chris Burch, approached The Little J with a desire to pivot his brand and business from a high-end luxury homebuilder to a high-end commercial builder on Florida’s emerald coast. The desired outcome of our project was a new website that captured the heart of Grand Bay Construction and something visually stunning that would showcase both their residential and new commercial portfolio.

Video Portfolio

One way we wanted to differentiate the GBC website was to showcase their incredible portfolio with video. We produced short video portfolios of their luxury homes and commercial projects and this really brought their incredible work to life. Here’s an example.

User Experience = Options

One of the challenges we had when designing the GBC website was how to best feature their award-winning, custom residential homes and at the same time, showcase their new commercial projects. Their customers and prospects in these two markets were completely different. We landed on providing the user with the two door option of which portfolio they wanted to see and created separate landing page links for other marketing collateral.

St. John XXIII
Annunciation Heights