You have a challenge

Let's overcome it


You have a challenge

Let's overcome it.

The Little J offers old-school values with new school expertise

We are a team of creative technologists who bring strategic clarity and an arsenal of marketing capability to boost the bottom line. Our commitment to service drives our passion to help our clients be even more successful. Hands-on, principal attention isn’t always scalable and we’re okay with that. We are lean by design and build long-term, strong relationships in order to realize maximum impact and achieve desired outcomes.

Jeremy Rivera

Principal | Creative Director

Jeremy is a senior marketing professional helping companies and non-profits of all sizes show and tell a better story. He founded The Little J agency in 2012, a Denver-based firm providing strategic and creative direction through broadcast, print, direct, and digital services. Inspired by a passion to help companies boost brand awareness and build brand equity, he brings over 20+ years of sales and marketing experience to the table. Prior to Little J, Jeremy served as the national marketing director of FOCUS for 8 years, a non-profit organization which grew from $5M to $50M annually under his creative direction. He lives in Centennial, CO with his family and enjoys playing golf, guitar, and fly fishing in the mountains.


  • Award-winning Speaker
  • Documentary Producer
  • Catholic Charities Board Member
  • Certified Hubspot Partner

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